What legal and regulatory issues should I consider before hosting on Airbnb?

When choosing whether to end up being an Airbnb host, it is very important for you to comprehend how the legislations work in your city.

Some cities have laws that limit your ability to host paying visitors for short periods. These laws are usually part of a city’s zoning or management codes. Neighborhood governments differ greatly in exactly how they enforce these laws.

These rules can be confusing. We’re collaborating with governments all over the world to make clear these regulations to ensure that every person has a clear understanding of what the legislations are.

In some tax obligation territories, Airbnb will take care of calculating, accumulating, and remitting local occupancy tax obligation in your place. Tenancy tax obligation is calculated differently in every jurisdiction, as well as we’re relocating as promptly as possible to extend this advantage to more hosts around the world.

In the meantime, please examine your regional legislations before detailing your room on Airbnb. Even more info about your city’s regulations and regulations may be available on our Liable Hosting page in the Your City’s Regulations section.